The 2021 Ferris Line of mowers 

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We are the only factory authorized Ferris dealer for SALES/SERVICE in Madison County, Alabama

Special FERRIS discount prices

We are running  special discount prices on all in stock 2019-2020 FERRIS mowers. Stop in for details. No over the phone quotes

IS 3200Z

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Lawn professionals will discover that IS 3200Z moves faster longer without scalping the turf. Choose between the 37-gross-horsepower* Vanguard™ V-Twin EFI BIG BLOCK™ or the biggest lawn mower motor – the 35-gross-horsepower* Kawasaki® FX1000V.
Ferris IS® 3200Z also includes dual, independent commercial Hydro-Gear® ZT-5400 Powertrain® transaxles. It's our most heavy duty transmission ever, with better cooling, airflow and zero potential leak points under high pressure.
The IS® 3200Z ZTR Features:
  • Updated iCD™ Cutting System with professional lawn striper delivers smoother cutting performance with free-floating deck employing solid steel rods & enhanced discharge through the generous deck opening.
  • Choose between 61" and 72" wide decks.
  • Patented adjustable front and rear suspension results in the best & refined zero turn ride and more consistent cut at higher speed. Responding to the most unforgiving terrain with control and steering accuracy, it lessens stress on both man and machine.
  • Protected by our 2+2 year limited warranty†.

IS 2100Z

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Pair the lawn mower with our dual commercial Hydro-Gear® ZT-4400™ transaxle system with your choice of four engine options from Kawasaki®, Kohler® and Vanguard™ and it’ll endure even the most merciless day on the job.
The Vanguard™ 810cc EFI combines efficiency without sacrificing output, unleashing 28 gross horsepower* while reducing fuel consumption by up to 25 percent. For performance, Vanguard™ 32-gross HP* V-Twin BIG BLOCK™ unleashes incomparable power for a riding mower this size, with low vibration and noise cancellation technology.
The IS® 2100Z ZTR Features:
  • iCD™ Cutting System with striping kit for maximum and accurate cutting performance in diverse conditions and enhanced discharge through the generous deck opening.
  • The IS 2100Z comes with your choice of 52" and 61" wide decks.
  • The commercial zero turn mower is equipped with adjustable front and rear suspension that restores control of the operator with adjustable coil-over-shock system for a refined ride with consistent & faster cut with less stress.
  • Protected by our 2+2 year limited warranty†.

IS 700Z

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Our exclusive full rear suspension system and pivoting front axle with shocks up front provide a smoother ride and greater control to mow evenly over rough ground faster - with better traction and far less scalping.
For long-term performance & operator serviceable with commercial grade transmission, choose between our Briggs & Stratton Commercial Series motor or get maximum power with the new, American-made Vanguard™ 810cc riding mower engine that cranks out 26 gross horsepower*.
The IS® IS700Z ZTR Features:
  • The iCD™ Cutting System with long-lasting Marbain® steel blades & striping kit delivers maximum cutting performance and enhanced discharge through the generous deck opening.
  • The IS® 700Z compact commercial zero turn comes with your choice of 52" and 61" wide decks.
  • Equipped with front and rear suspension, it delivers refined rides and more consistent cut at faster speeds.
  • Firm yet forgiving seat with arm rest & convenient cup holder.
  • Protected by our 2+2 year limited warranty†.

IS 600Z

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The compact sized IS® 600Z will fit most garden sheds and trailers with room to spare, yet comes with all the power and enhancements that make Ferris mowers an industry giant.
Just like its big brother, the IS 700Z, this riding mower comes equipped with our dual commercial Hydro-Gear® ZT-3400®transaxles for quality & commercial readiness.
For engines, choose between American-made, 25-gross-horsepower* Briggs & Stratton Commercial Series motor or the 18.5-gross- hp* Kawasaki® FS600V. You can pair either power plant with a 44- or 48-inch cutting deck.
The IS® 600Z ZTR Features:
  • iCD™ Cutting System (available on the 48" model) delivers maximum cutting performance and enhanced discharge through the generous deck opening.
  • The 44" model features a 10-gauge fabricated, double-top deck (both greasable aluminum spindle & long-lasting Marbain® steel blades) with reinforced side skirts and overlap welded corners.
  • Professional lawn striper for expert finish every time.
  • The commercial zero turn mower line with patented adjustable suspension technology, complemented by shock-assisted, pivoting front axle, results in a refined ride for a wide-area mower and a more consistent cut at higher traveling speeds with less scalping.
  • Protected by our 2+2 year limited warranty†.


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   Reward your hardworking lawn care crew with the walk behind mower that might make them forget they're working at all.
Powerful engine choices from Kawasaki, Briggs & Stratton and Vanguard for power and fuel efficiency.
FW35 Walk Behind Mower Features:
  • All-new, CC™ Centralized Control handles for natural, ergonomic position with improved comfort and narrower stance for hand protection from scrapes & cuts.
  • Easy mowing with electric starter with cruise control bar for desired speeds.
  • Heavy-duty construction with two layers of steel running the entire width for strength & lap welded corners for dent resistance.
  • Big 20" tires for climbing over curbs and rough terrains, reducing deck bounce for consistent cut.
  • Commercial-grade transmission & the same muscle driving our heavier,commercial zero turn mower line
  • One-hand deck lift system and gauge for accurately adjusting cutting height from 1.5 to 4.75 inches.
  • Limited two-year, unlimited-hour warranty

ICD Cutting System 

The iCD™ Cutting System was engineered to produce the best possible cut in a multitude of conditions. Every component works together to achieve superior cut quality. The deck design and extra wide opening allows for a more even and greater dispersal of clippings The slope nose of the deck forces the blades of grass forward and allows them a longer period of time to rise in the chamber before the blades make contact. The new iCD™ cutting system offers unparalleled cut quality and compliments the innovation of the Ferris line.
  • Standard on selected models
  • The leading edge of the deck is reinforced just where you need it to add strength, not weight
  • All iCD™ Cutting System decks are equipped with professional lawn stripers (excludes rear-discharge)
  • Marbain® steel blades are stronger, harder and require less time sharpening
  • Flexible rubber discharge chute simply flexes when it comes in contact with objects
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1. Flexible recycled rubber discharge chute reduces contact damage
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2. Extra wide discharge opening evenly disperses grass clippings
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3. Debris shield on idler pulleys keeps moisture and debris away, extending bearing life
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4. Multi-layer heavy gauge steel construction for maximum strength
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5. Reinforced leading edge provides protection where the deck needs it most
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6. Center point is offset, optimizing airflow for discharge
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7. Slope nose design reduces the amount of clippings discharged from the front
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8. Deck step allows for easy entry and exit from the operator’s compartment

Ferris Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Watch Ferris commercial riding mowers in action! The mower suspension makes choosing a machine for mowing the lawn a snap for any landscaping company!

Ferris has earned it's reputation by delivering customers, whether lawn care professional or homeowners, with high quality lawn mowers, products and solutions for over 100 years. With patented suspension system technology, Ferris zero turn mowers offer comfort, speed and performance. Ferris...Go The Extra Yard!

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Ferris Walk Behind 

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Ferris Zero Turn

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